Faculty & Staff

Mrs. Ann FoRd – Principal

Data Manager – marcie toledano

Staff Developer  – Mrs. Sheila Gray

Art Teachers(s)
 Ms. Sandra Abdin Mr. David Harris
 Mrs. Catherine Burns Mrs. Amelie Prescott
Vocal Music
 Kindergarten Ms. Yvonne Hitts Paraprofessionals
 Mrs. Gwendolyn Ferrand Mrs. Peggy Rogers
 Mrs. Elaine Johnson Physical Education/Health Mrs. Marie Smith
Ms. Antoinette Gay Mrs. Gwendolyn Thibodeaux
First Grade Mrs. Rose Cropper
Mrs. Nikki Collins Technology Mrs. Blanton Rousselle
Mr. Chris Clark Mrs. Miriam Davis
Second Grade Mrs.Colleen Norwood
Mr. Warren Williams Special Education Mrs.Deanna Gordon
Dr. Monique Cook Mrs. Tameka Bickham
 Third Grade Mrs. Linda Washington
Ms. Wendy Johnson Mrs. Kimberly Samuels Maintenance
Mrs. Jean George Mrs. A. Collins-Rollins RTI (Gifted) Mrs. Ronald Holmes (Head)
Mrs. Welidina Moran(Asst. Head)
 Fourth Grade Parent Liaison Mr. Donnell Hicks
Ms. Sharon Edwards Mrs. Bobby Cornish Mrs. Debbie Johnson
Mrs. Sharon Thomas
 COMER Facilitator Security
 Fifth Grade Ms. Idrianne Lewis Seal Officer
Mrs. Paisonnosa Narcisse
Sixth Grade Social Worker(s) Bus Monitor/Attendance Clerk
 Mrs. A Brooks  Mr. Felice Brightman Ms. Dominique Griffith
Seventh Grade   Nurse Food Services
 Mrs. Yolonde Johnson  Mrs. Valerie Llopis Mrs.Dorothy Watson Mgr
Mrs. Simone Firstley
Eight Grade  Computer Lab Coach Mrs. Tyist Daiquiri
Mrs. J. Housten-Holmes  Mrs. Berdell Blackwell Mrs. Pat Hart
 21st Century Grant  In School Substitute Crossing Guards
Mrs. Elise Adams Mr. Steven Martin Ms. Lisa Lokey
Ms. Rosalind Theodore
 In School Suspension
Mr. Craig Wilson


Joseph A.Craig Charter School

1423 St Philip Street,
New Orleans
LA 70116

The Custodian of Records is Mrs. Judy Collins. The Director of Transportation is Mrs. Leila Walker. They both can be reached at 504-940-2243